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  • Project: Bodypaint your MINI
  • Date: July 2012 - September 2012
  • Client: BMW AG, MINI, Munich
  • Partner: Meiré GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne
  • Location: Paris, Munich, Beijing

In July 2012 MINI commissioned us with an interactive exhibit to ‘enable the visitor to feel and experience the brand values of MINI’. Two months later, at the Paris Motor Show, we premiered an interactive ‘powerwall’, displaying a larger-than-life-size MINI.

With the typical MINI twinkle in the eye, the car itself comes to life and behaves in a fun way, turning and bouncing, presenting itself from all angles.

As it moves, visitors can collaboratively paint it, using two different digital aerosol devices with unique spray characteristics – as a classic reference to street culture and fan car workshops alike.

Tilt the spray can for a playful exploration of tricks, such as blowing wind and multicoloured effects.  Point at the paint buckets to use different colors. Point at the dog bowl to make the MINI shake off all the colors like a wet dog. After performing, you can share pictures of yourself in action and of your body-painted MINI at a touch terminal, aptly called the Social Media Station .

Because of its overwhelming success, the installation was added to the brand exhibition at BMW World, Munich, and has been shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. For the Auto Show in Beijing 2014 we were asked to develop an update for the game with more details and new functions.

Winner of the RED DOT Award Communication Design 2013!

The MESO Team:
Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Thomas Eichhorn, Johannes Lemke, Xiaojia Yao, Mike Bastian, Maiken Laackmann, David Gann, Klaus Peter Texter, Benjamin Baum, Stefan Ammon, Nina Dauer, Claudius Coenen, Mathias Wollin, Martin Schuster, Theron Burger, Paul Schengber, Benjamin Schiek, Sarah Schmid

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