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  • Project: KEYENCE VISION 2016
  • Date: October 2016 - November 2016
  • Client: KEYENCE Deutschland GmbH

For the upcoming german trade shows we designed three new presentation modules to be integrated in the existing modular trade show set up. Our goal was to create easy-to-handle and concise product displays that allow both presenters and clients alike to touch and focus on the functionality of Keyence sensor systems. Here the displays would serve to maximise Keyence’s reach and customer base by generating new leads.

Our approach was to present the products in a vertical and prominent position. We developed a consistent look for all exhibits. This drew the focus to the black product before a white background, encouraging clients to touch the product. At the same time, we made sure to retain optimal functionality as an essential element of supporting the presenters at the trade show. This required a lot of supporting technology to be hidden in a very compact space, so you won’t see most of our work on the images shown here.

The MESO Team:
Max Wolf, Sebastian Kujas, Sarah Schmid, Romina Marsico, Sebastian Quader, Alexander Teczar, Johannes Lemke, Nils Weger, Jörg Obenauer

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