BMW i Explainer App for iPad

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  • Project: BMW i Explainer App for iPad
  • Date: January 2015 - April 2015
  • Client: BMW Group
  • Partner: yellow design, cologne (Concept and Design)
  • Tasks: iPad App Development

In parallel to the big BMW Explainer Stations that consist of a static screen with a presentation board, BMW asked us to create a version of the explainer software to run on a mobile device, in this case an iPad.

So we created an app with pretty much the same content: tools for showing off the electric and hybrid cars , their advantages and flexibility, as well as some calculation tools for savings and range.

In addition, we added an overlay sketching tool, enabling the presenter to draw simple graphics using his finger with a blue “pen”.

Update: Reissue for Auto Shanghai 2015

After its initial creation in 2014, the mobile explainer app was updated for Auto Shanghai 2015, Chinas big car fair. This time, we connected the iPad to a huge screen inside a vvvv patch in the main Explainer station for an even bigger impression. Live pictures (hopefully) coming soon!

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