BMW eDrive Simulator

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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
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  • Project: BMW eDrive Simulator
  • Date: October 2013
  • Client: BMW AG
  • Partner: ExpoTec OHG, Mainz, yellow design, cologne (Concept and Design)

BMW wurde auf der IAA 2013 mit dem iF communication design award 2014 ausgezeichnet .

The visitor enters the cabin and can experience the silent acceleration of electric cars in a short interactive driving sequence. A hidden motor rotates the cabin back and forth, so that the visitor experience the acceleration and braking forces.
A four-channel sound system simulates the experience of driving through a vivid city and a beautiful landscape. The screen is seen through a special magnifying mirror which makes the image appear in distance like in a real car. A computer controlled ventilator blows wind in the face of the visitor.

The MESO Team:
Sebastian Oschatz, Johannes Lemke, Valerie Vogt, Xiaojia Yao, Friedrich Söllner, Klaus-Peter Texter, Timon Skerutsch

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